Lego Creator Bagged Set #30023 Lighthouse

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Bagged Set 30023 Lighthouse


Package Quantity: 1

Construct to create with Bagged Set #30023 Lighthouse a great item from Lego! A list of features are number of parts: 25 and year: 2011. The Creator set has a weight of 0.08 lbs. Lowest price Bagged Set #30023 . To get the same great price I found, visit our affilate add to shopping cart button on this site.

Bring the ships into port safetly with this microbuild LEGO Creator Lighthouse (30023 )! Guide the vessels with the LEGO harbor in to the docks safetly with this cool microbuild! Explore the world of LEGO microbuilding and learn to generate an iconic ocean create with these key, colorful pieces. Contains 25 pieces.


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